Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Too Nice to Use??!!

When we crochet, knit, craft with someone in mind, we do so as a symbol of our love, of our appreciation, of our friendship.  As each stitch is crafted, that love is poured into it.  So yes, it does bother us, well, at least it bothers me, when I am told upon gifting this item, that it is "Too nice to use."


I've been crazy-busy lately, so has Mr Dee.

I recently purchased this "new to me" super yummy yarn that was just more than ready to grow up into a hat for Mr Dee,  You see, fall is upon us. And with our neighborhood losing two beloved neighbors this year, this means Mr Dee has been busy taking care of their lawn-needs while the families grieve and work out all of the probate stuff.  And you know what comes after fall.  Uhhuh. Snow weather.

And Mr Dee's regular, store bought hat, is looking rather "ratty" if I do say so myself.  I grabbed my hook and set to work, sneaking in stitches here and there until the project is complete, and the tails are securely woven in.
Mr Dee gets a new crocheted hat. I get a new yarn to love.

I present him his new hat. He thanks me, looks over my stitches and exclaims, "Wow, your stitches are so uniform it looks like a machine made this!" (Yes, we all know that machines cannot crochet. Knit yes. Crochet no.) He tries it on. It fits him wonderfully. He checks it out in a mirror and then asks me why I crocheted him a new hat.  I explain it to him. He replies, "It is too nice to use. I'll ruin it!"

To which I reply, "Ruin it then!  I can always buy more yarn and make you another!"

Of course we all know that if he doesn't wear it I'll simply have to throttle him. You know, out of the name of love.

Note: No husbands were iharmed as a result of this project.

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