Tuesday, November 12, 2013

The 2014 Hello Doily Challenge Chronicles: Chapter Two

After looking at hundreds and hundreds of doily patterns, I am delighted to say I have found two contenders for the 2014 Hello Doily Challenge put out by my local Crochet Group -- both doilies are featured in the "Doilies in Color" book by Annie's Crochet.  The first doily pattern being the "Marigolds" pattern by Josie Rabier, and the second being the "Irish Rose" by Dorothy Drake.  I think both would look fantastic crocheted with paper yarn.  Actually, I think they'd both look a-may-zing crocheted with paper yarn spun from the color comics featured in the Sunday paper.  I just need to decide which one!

Unable to locate my drop spindle, I invested in a new one, procured from the recent Stitches East event that was held in Hartford, CT.  I purchased it from the lilivestock.com booth, and the shop owner said she is looking forward to seeing the paper I plan on spinning with it.  ((I too, am looking forward to seeing the paper I spin from it! LOL)) 
"Acorn" drop spindle ready to go!

I did practice spinning regular newspaper a little (see my first chapter posting) and I noticed I was more comfortable spinning the make-shift drop spindle "clockwise."  This gave me an "S" twist.  Since I create the majority of my crochet stitches with the hook in my right hand, this simply won't do.  I will need to be careful to spin my "funny" paper counter-clockwise so that I get a "Z" twist, making the paper yarn a wee bit softer once I work it up.

My next step is to ensure I have enough raw material, in this case, the comics from the local newspaper.  Thankfully Mr Dee put up a "WANTED" sign at his work in hopes of helping me collect enough.  This still puts me well in line with the February 2014 deadline.

My homework:
  • decide between the two patterns which one I'd like to use.
  • collect enough comics and then spin them into paper yarn.
  • crochet it up.
Question: do we block completed paper projects?  And if so, how is that done?????  I'm going to have to research this too.

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Faith said...

Crochet with paper? This is new to me, I'll have to look into that. Looking forward to see which one you decide upon. I'm finishing up, or I hope too, a hooded crochet shawl pattern I've been working on now for about 4 weeks,in the next few weeks, and then I'm going back to thread crochet for a while.