Friday, February 17, 2012

Best Reaction Caught on Camera?

The day after returning home from Stitches East this past fall, we had a family member go in for life-saving surgery.  To say all were on pins and needles is understated.  It was during that time I brought my crochet supplies to the hospital so those looking for a distraction during the waiting of the-not-knowing-if-all -will-be-OK-time had something to focus on.

As we sat in the waiting room my sister-in-law  said to me she wished she had a black shawl that was short, that held it's shape, and was comfortable to wear.  "Maybe I'll commission you to make it for me, Dee.  But after the holidays; things are so crazy right now."  There were a lot of things said in that waiting room.  But this little nugget I silently held onto.

I went home that night, turned on the laptop and checked my Twitter.  The first thing I saw on Twitter was Webs announcing a sale on Nashua Handknits Creative Focus Silk yarn.  I ordered 10 balls.  In black.  Within the week my yummy yarn order arrived and I set to work using Doris Chan's "All Shawl" pattern (found on Ravelry).  From hook to blocking the project took three days.  I had my daughter wrap it, and then we waited. (For the record, the shawl didn't require 10 balls of the silk yarn; I ordered extra so I could have some for future use/playing with.)

At the traditional family holiday gathering the kids presented her with my secret gift; Mr. Dee had camera in hand and caught her reaction:

This picture brings a smile to my face each time I see it because I know she not only appreciated the hours I put into hand-crocheting her a customized shawl (it also had beaded trim & button closure), but that she appreciated my being with her -- listening to her, offering her my support. I had provided her with a spell of relief & distraction when she needed it. That is what family is about. 

As for our patient, he is well on the road to recovery.  And we couldn't be happier!

Have you caught a fantastic reaction to your hand-crocheted gifts on film?  If so, please, share your story -- AND the picture!  :)

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Anonymous said...

That is a beautiful story, and that photo a treasure for all time. Obviously she will always love her shawl, as well as feel the love of the person who created and gave it to her.

Great news about the patient. It's always good to have a happy ending. :)