Saturday, October 2, 2010

"Hip, Hip, Crochet!" with the Lion

Along with participating in the "Feel Good" kickoff on the CBS Early Show, I also got to visit the Lion Brand store for the very first time with my fellow CGOA Chapter members.  As I don't go to the City often, this was a treat I was long looking forward to.

We traveled across the City via car, had an early lunch, and then walked the short distance to the Lion Brand store.  It was just before 11:30 AM, and the store would be opening in mere minutes.  This afforded us time to check out the front window display featuring Lady Liberty.

This store front resonated with me: it merged crochet and knit work together in the shape of the United States; joined together in the afghan wrapped around Lady Liberty's shoulders; and with squares at her feet being collected from customers for Warm Up America.  Togetherness.  Lion Brand did not exclude crochet, or use crochet as a mere footnote.  It gave crochet equal billing.  As it should be.

This theme was echoed in Lady Liberty's crown too; notice in the image on the right how the crochet hooks and knitting needles come together to create the seven spikes in her crown (for those that like trivia, the spikes represent the seven oceans).  Who ever designed this window for Lion Brand did a great job!

Once the store opened we were greeted with a lot of eye-candy ... yarn, yarn, yarn!  Yes, we can purchase Lion Brand yarn at nearly every big box craft store, but not all carry all of the Lion Brand lines -- and/or colors!  So to see it all in one place was fantastic! 

I had some questions of which the staff was more than happy to help me with getting the answers to.  I purchased some Vanna's Choice, and some Cotton Bamboo from the LB Collection.  And for being a CGOA member, they took 10% off my purchase.

I'll be sure to add visiting the Lion Brand store to my stops the next time I'm in the City; this yarn manufacturer (and now retailer) knows how to make this crocheter a repeat customer.

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Jess said...

Hi, Dee! Thanks for coming by to visit us. We're especially glad that you enjoyed our window display. It's so important for us to engage in art and charity whenever possible, and to be able to do so simultaneously is a fantastic gift. It's also important for us to show that crocheting and knitting are both beautiful crafts. We hope to see you again!

With warm regards,
Jess H.
Lion Brand Yarn