Monday, December 7, 2009

Making the Path of Crochet Easier: Lily Chin

I've been crocheting since I was a youngster. Not always has my path of crocheting been easy. If you've taken a crochet class with me, or have been a long time reader of my blog, then you've heard my story of how it took YEARS for me to figure out (as a child) to go from the crocheted chain to stitches to projects. My problem was I rarely bumped into people who crocheted and could help unlock it's secrets to make it easier for me.

Flash forward to today where my own Mini~Dee crochets. As I watch her make her stitches, sometimes I tell her how lucky she is that she can come to me, or members of my CGOA Chapter, or a great number of crochet designers she personally knows, and can ask questions. When I was her age I was stuck. Yes, she's clearly very lucky to have access to so many experienced crocheters.

As if Lily Chin were here listening to this conversation, she has come up with the perfect solution for folks like myself (when I was first starting), and those experienced with crochet (as I am today), offering us her Crochet Tips & Tricks in a handy sized book! So yes, we can have Lily in each and every crocheter's home, having her provide answers to so many questions crocheters have, such as:

  • how do you find the center of a pull skein?
  • based upon my swatch, how much yarn will I need for this project?
  • how does Lily keep her nickel-plated hooks so slick that she's able to crochet so fast?
  • what do those numbers on cones of yarn mean?
  • how does Lily make seaming nearly painless?
  • the edge needs a million stitches spaced evenly across; how do I do that?
  • OMG, I missed a stitch; how do I fix that?
  • how does Lily stop ribbon yarn from twisting?
  • how does Lily avoid crocheting a million chains for a project and being short, or over, in her count?

If you've ever asked yourself these questions, and more!, then I highly recommend checking out Lily's new book based upon her often sold out class of the same title, "Crochet Tips & Tricks." It's written in Lily's voice so it's like having her sitting beside you as you get help from the master! Her book is filled with shortcuts and techniques that will make your path of crocheting easier! Makes a great holiday gift for yourself, or your favorite crocheter! :)

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