Friday, December 12, 2008


As tough as things are, there are still some traditions we are keeping. One being heading to the Jones Family Farm in Shelton, Connecticut, to get -- or actually, to cut down -- our Christmas tree. Dee Jr. gets that honor, and the smile on his face as he and his sister haul their prize down the hillside is fantastic. I wouldn't trade this experience for the world! :)

Check out the hat that Mini~Dee is wearing. I crocheted that hat for her back when she was in Kindergarten! At the time, it was perfectly matched to go with her winter coat, and she was thrilled! Now, here she is in the sixth grade, having received many more hats I've crocheted for her year after year, but this is the one she keeps wearing! LOL

We'll be decorating the tree this weekend and I'll be using lots of crocheted items on it ... snowflakes, the gingerbread man Sherri made for me, the ornament I won last year from the International Freeform Guild's auction ...

And, under the tree there will be various gifts I've crocheted. Hats and scarves mostly. How about you? Will you be giving the gift of crochet this holiday season?

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