Tuesday, January 2, 2007

"Crochet Boy" is a Heisman Candidate

Ian Johnson, running back for Boise State, has been on my radar for awhile now -- ever since reading articles highlighting not only his football triumphs on the turf, but also for his crocheting ... including the blurb about the NCAA telling him to stop. 

So, let me state right here, up front, that I normally do not follow sports.  Heck, just keeping track of my yarn stash and WIPs is seemingly sport enough for me.  But when you have Mr. Dee and Dee Jr. as football/baseball lovers, it's either join them or go yarn shopping.  And I think I have enough yarn at this time, so football watching it is (while crocheting, but of course).

There I was yesterday, typing away to create yesterday's blog entry, when Mr. Dee started yelling for me to come watch something on television.  There was much excitement in his voice, and when Dee Jr. chimed in I knew it was important -- and sports related.  I temporarily abandoned the entry and quickly went to investigate.  It was Ian Johnson being interviewed during the "pre-show" for the potato chip Fiesta Bowl Game on the FOX network.  I arrived in the living room just in time to hear Ian proudly proclaim that the guys on the team call him "Crochet Boy" and his Mamma taught him how (to crochet)!  What a proud moment that was! 

Hear that?  Yeah, it's a big tough football player letting the world know that crocheting won't make you a sissy!  In fact, it just might make you a
Heisman Candidate

Intrigued, I decided to watch the game.  I admit I didn't get much crocheting done as it was one of the most exciting football games I've ever watched -- and with Ian proposing to his girl after running in the winning 2-point conversion call in overtime, well, that was just awesome!!  You rock "Crochet Boy!"

Watch the highlights of the game here.
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Anonymous said...

Rosie Greer who was also a football player did needlepoint.  I guess they are few and far between - have to give them credit to pursue their interests.

Anonymous said...

Dee, can you tell what his pattern is?  Do you think it is all dc?

I have been looking for a cap pattern like this, this is the closest to what i have been looking for.